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New Year’s Revelations

December 5, 2014

PosterIt’s that time of year again…If you’re an artist and you choose to reflect and evaluate, why not make it count? Don’t make resolutions that you most likely won’t keep. Instead, realize how what you are already doing may need only a little tweaking to get you to where you want to be. Renew your faith in yourself and understand:

  • Artists create. As long as you are creating you are moving forward.
  • You are your harshest critic. Find people who’s honesty you can trust. Listen.
  • Commercial success is only one form of validation.
  • Every idea isn’t worthy of your energy, but it is worthy of your consideration.
  • Generosity doesn’t mean you have to give your talent away, but you can always share it.
  • What you do as an artist may go unappreciated for now, but your creations will be here long after you are not. And you never know…

We want to wish all our families, friends and fans a wondrous holiday season and a New Year filled with health and goodness. And thanks for listening.

Jeff, Lou, and Aaron


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