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Songwriters Write for a Song

February 20, 2015

“I don’t do it for the money. I do it for the love of creating and the desire to share my art with the world.”

Now, more than ever, this is the mantra and reality for the modern day songwriter. Once upon a time long ago, we would actually receive payment for each time our song was played. Imagine that? Songwriters were protected as artists who deserved compensation for their creations. But fast forward a few decades, usher in streaming, and tens of thousands of plays may result in a couple of thousand dollars; and that’s for the highest paid songwriters among us. Imagine what the numbers are for those of us who make up the majority of (unsigned) artists. gallery014With the exception of licensing deals, we no longer have control over our own art.

So, yes. We write songs because we love to, because we must, and because we have something to say. It would be lovely to get paid but we keep on going. And once in a while, someone says something nice or a live audience responds, and we realize that’s all we really need.

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